Beware of SCAMS! Letters like these two below are trying to get trademark applicants and registrants to believe that they owe more money in order for their trademark to be registered. The UNITED STATES TRADEMARK REGISTRATION OFFICE is a SCAM organization. This letter is NOT from a government agency. The California Bar shows no attorneys at this address or firm name. There is no phone number that they can be contacted at.

The first letter was sent to a trademark applicant for a service mark before the mark registered. You cannot record an application with the CBP, only registrations. Recording a service is useless. Services are not shipped through customs. This organization is fronting behind a deceptive name in order to get you to send them money for a useless service.

Be careful! The USPTO is sending out a warning letter with registration certificates suggesting that those that have received letters contact the FTC at and emailing See copy of letter from USPTO. When notifying the USPTO about a misleading communication, please also:

1. Include a copy of the misleading communication (including the envelope it came in) if available;

2. Indicate whether the recipient thought the communication was an official U.S. government communication or had to ask an attorney or the USPTO whether it was legitimate;

3. Indicate whether fees were mistakenly paid in response to the communication and, if so, provide a copy of the cancelled check. Please also specify what services, if any, were provided in exchange for the payment made.

There are more organizations like this all over the world that try to scam trademark applicants and registrants. The USPTO (the real government organization) has set up web pages to try to warn trademark applicants and registrants about trademark scams at An entity doing business as the "United States Trademark Protection Agency" is another entity NOT associated with the USPTO that has similar scam letters.

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This second letter was sent out years after the mark registered. The service is worthless. The USPTO publishes registered marks on TESS for free for the whole world to see. Unfortunately, there are more letters than this. Beware!

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